Dear Faronics Partner,

Please find below a few recent updates to our Cloud offering that may interest you:

1. Deep Freeze Mac in Cloud now supports El Capitan (OS X 10.11)

2. “Include Windows Power Plan Savings” is now available for Power Save reports

The Full Operation Report generation dialogue now has a checkbox to include Windows Power Plan Savings in the report. By unchecking this check box, the report will show savings generated by Power Save only (above and beyond the savings generated by Windows).
3. Energy Equivalents added in Power Save Reports

Similar to our Power Save Core reports, we now display the eco savings in all our Power Save reports.


4. Deep Freeze Maintenance Compatibility for Anti-Executable Service

In a situation where AE exists with either Deep Freeze Enterprise or Deep Freeze in Cloud, we will automatically place AE into Maintenance Mode whenever a DF maintenance task (like Windows update) is detected.

5. Deep Freeze Cloud Relay is now optional for Pure Cloud customers

The Cloud Relay is now optional for non-Deep Freeze Connector customers. Most of the Deep Freeze actions can now be performed through the Live Actions feature without using a Cloud Relay. This was announced earlier as well.

6. Connector instructions for first-time Deep Freeze Enterprise customers updated

If the customer has yet to connect their Enterprise Console to the cloud, they will now see this updated explanation of how to enable Cloud Connector.
More updates to come as we progress. As always, feel free to reach out to your Channel Account Manager with any questions.

Thank you.

The Faronics Team