Dear Faronics Partner,

Version of Deep Freez Enterprise is now available.

This release addresses several issues, some important ones you should know:

Resolved 2 issues relating to user profile redirection to ThawSpaces (could have be redirected with Data Igloo)
Resolved an issue where some workstations kept activating the license key due to a slow network connection.
Resolved an issue where the workstation did not perform Deep Freeze specific commands initiated from Core Console or Cloud Console until the workstation connects to the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console.
Resolved an issue where upgrading Deep Freeze Workstations from Faronics Core Console failed.
Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze 8.32 Console was occasionally not launching but the process was running.
For detailed Release Notes visit:

Any further questions, feel free to reach out to your Channel Account Manager.

Faronics Team